Motorola Dp3400 Programming Software 39



Motorola Dp3400 Programming Software 39

customizing the software – as you can imagine, just about any radio can be added to your programming list. simply add the serial number of the radio you wish to program (as printed on the user manual, if it is printed). you can add other radios as well, but their serial number can be found by going to the serial number section within the software and typing in the radio’s serial number. see the illustration (on left). the first radio you add to the program list will be the first radio that will be programmed when the radio is next powered on. you can enter more radios after the first radio, but any radio you program earlier will be programmed first.

launching the program – if you have used gps for windows you should be familiar with opening a program. well, the motorola rss program is no different. your radio must be powered on or connected to a computer before it can be programmed. if you have a usb cable, plug it in and press the “power” button on your radio twice (first press should turn the radio off, second press puts it into standby). if you are doing this in the dark, let the battery drain a bit before you power up. you will get an “authentication required” screen. press “yes” and the radio will be commanded to sync. when you are greeted with a message that says “no radio”, power the radio off again, unplug the cable, and try again. it will sync the next time around.

i changed my phone to a tracphone with a different sim card and forgot the old phone number. i bought the zt1050 and tried to access my old phone number but i realized it was changed. i was running out of time to change my number and the number i could call my boss or provider was changed. can you help me to find a phone programer to change my numbers again for me?

There are two ways to program a radio. One is the computer assisted method, and the other is the hand held method. In the computer assisted, you use the software to program the radio for you. There’s a number of different software applications available for both Windows and Mac. I use the version supplied by Radiotronics, which I find to be a complete program that includes almost everything one needs to program the radio. All you have to do is plug the appropriate cable into the computer and plug the other end into the RIB. The RIB has the radio programmed into it, but there is still need for additional software. The RIB came with a Windows based program called Programmable Radio Setup. I have bought a program called RadioLab for Windows and Mac. It’s basically a step-by-step program, which allows you to program the radio by plugging in the appropriate cables. It’s a very versatile program, which means you can program the radio in stages. After all, once you’ve done all the connections, you might want to change something. RadioLab lets you do that. For example, you can program the voice level and mute the radio at a specific frequency. Or you can program the preamplifier settings, etc. The programmer will be your guide in many situations.
Here is a photo of the RIB with some of the programming software attached. I have it on a table away from the computer, but you can see that the software is easy to access and does not interfere with the keyboard or mouse. There is also a nice LCD on the front. I replaced the LCD panel with an LCD 40mm x 30mm panel, which is the size that I needed for the radio. There is a photo of the complete RIB on my web site. It’s found on the motorola page of under the heading Proset and Proset XLR. Go directly to the page and from there click on the”Proset”photo.

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