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Ed, I understand what you’re going through. As a filmmaker, your confidence is vital to the success of your project. However, your project is just not that important to people. No matter how much money you spend, people will find some other nonsense to talk about. No matter how much money you invest in radio, the people will still talk about Jerry Springer’s wife. If you were going to invest your time and money into something, your focus needs to be on that thing, not on clearing out the room. And unfortunately, it seems like that’s what you’re doing. I wouldn’t worry too much, if I were you.

I’m not going to tell you to keep up this lie. If you choose to do that, nobody’s going to stop you. I can tell you why the lies won’t work, though, and it’s something you probably already know.

You want to end up on the right side of things, right? Well, the only way you can end up on the right side of things is by putting yourself in the right place. Don’t worry. It’s not a matter of how much money you spend on advertising. It’s a matter of how much you spend on advertising.

You don’t have to talk about your movies with every person you meet, but if you want to speak with people, you have to give them something good to talk about. Whatever you talk about, don’t make up. If the movie is good, and people think it’s good, then people will talk about it. If you make up crap about the movie, then no one will remember it when they look back on their life. You don’t want that, do you?

As a filmmaker, death is your friend. It gives you the chance to make as many films as you want. It gives you the opportunity to play with all the different types of suspense you’d like. If you know what you’re doing, death can make your life easier. It can expedite things a lot. It can get you in and out of a lot of problems much quicker, and all this can be thanks to the fact that no one has to die.

so if you haven’t yet ordered the blu-ray, please do, it’s available for pre-order on amazon. and here’s a super special last minute promotion for mythica, or whatever they are called now, fans!for the next 24 hours, if you pre-order the blu-ray from our official website, we will throw in an exclusive kickstarter backers exclusive version of the film’s amazing soundtrack. it’s a collection of epic, epic cinematic compositions by composer andrew peebles, created specifically for the film, and it’s just waiting for you to download! (available as both mp3 and flac files, only with the blu-ray you will receive the flac version automatically, and the mp3 version is also included as a 320kbps mp3 file – so both versions will work on any device, so no drm).this is the ultimate treat for any mythica fan, you will get not just great music, but also a poster of the film’s amazing eye-candy artwork, but you can only get it from the blu-ray. so if you want to get the digital soundtrack from the blu-ray, you can’t. the only way to get it now is the blu-ray + poster bundle. this is a limited edition item, only available for a limited time. so if you are a fan, and you want to get this soundtrack, and you want it now, order the blu-ray from our official website. thank you for your support, we truly appreciate it.
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