Lead the Red Army on the path to victory in the Soviet Union during World War 2. Stalin’s Triumph Battlepack 1 includes 13 scenarios. German forces based on actual history will defend the Eastern Front against the might of the Soviet Union. Between 1942 and 1943, the Soviet and German armies clashed in the area around the town of Kursk. Many of the best formations fought in the battles here including the German panzer divisions 3rd SS Panzer, 4th SS Panzer, and 2nd SS Panzer divisions.
The game allows 1-4 players and starts with a scenario depicting the Eastern Front just after the landing at Anastasija. The battle of Kursk in 1943 saw much of the fighting on the ground and in the air. The scenario features elements of recent history from 1942 as well as when the German Panther was fielded and an excellent number of action points for the action-packed game.
Stalin’s Triumph Battlepack 1 offers two campaigns for play. This way you can play out in the Soviet Union just after the landing or as the German force fights to take the airport and city of Vladivostok.



A Total War Game?

This game can best be described as Total War but on the Eastern Front. This means that the driving principles are the same for its combat mechanics – i.e. supply, manpower, and the movement of armies. However, this game is not a Total War in terms of its strategy and grand tactics. These aspects of the game are focused on making the battle more interesting. The turn-based combat is a pure Total War feature. The single combat is divided into phases which makes the action a bit more fluid. Another unique element of Total War is the unit customisation. In this game, you can mix and match armoured vehicles, infantry, and units of different weapons.


This version includes new rules for infantry tank riders, artillery, goliaths, and artillery in a perfect game balance. It has 7 new scenarios and 6 new units of German and Soviet tanks.

World War 2: A New Perspective

Included in this game is the German Field Infantry Division. It features commanders that they had at the time such as Hitler and General Staff. It represents German unit composition and unit composition at the end of the war. For Soviet units, there are great additions such as the SPAC veterans and the


Features Key:

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Nations At War Digital: Stalin’s Triumph Battlepack 1 (LifeTime) Activation Code Download For PC Latest

Explore the battles of 1942, 1943, and 1944 and their strategic background in this new gaming experience from Nations At War® digital!
Get a feel for combat on the Eastern Front during World War 2 when you play as the Soviet Red Army in this new scenario!
Lead the legendary Red Army, including massed artillery, infantry, shock troopers, tanks, and much more!
No matter how many players are online, or how many they are, take on the Germans and finish the war on the front line!
*** For the original game makers, and for generations of gamers since, the absolute best-selling, fun-filled, award-winning, high-end card-driven, game of tactical war has come to the digital platform where you can play anytime, anywhere, play with or against your friends, squadmates, or the online worldwide community.
Play solo or as part of a team on a variety of combat missions spanning the entire World War II era, from the Pacific to Europe and Africa.
Blood on the Sand is the latest in the hit World War II game series.
*** The complete experience.
*** Innovative card-driven game play
*** Playing solo or with your friends
*** Free online anytime, anywhere
*** Hundreds of customizable cards
*** Over 100+ game pieces to collect, expand, and use in battles
*** Axis & Allies compatible with up to 4 players
*** Block-building mode (2 player)
*** Total Combat mode (3-4 players)
*** Fully-animated campaigns featuring dozens of battles
*** Fully-animated battles of WWII history
*** Standout World War II graphics and animations
*** Animated card backs and box art, multiple historical card backs
*** Customizable in-game tactics and tactics training web pages
*** Play with or against your friends online
*** Up to 8-player online play
*** Easy to learn and accessible to all ages
*** Free online anytime, anywhere
*** No downloads, no installs, no DRM
*** Play-anywhere, offline, or online at no additional cost (provided you have an Internet connection)
*** Relive or experience the amazing and long history of the World War II era
*** Earn experience towards promotion, special titles, and more (using the game rules as a basis)
*** Compete or collaborate to destroy your opponents with a variety of in-game stats and accomplishments
*** Free Game Trials available for the Mac and Windows versions
*** Mobile compatible


Nations At War Digital: Stalin’s Triumph Battlepack 1 Activation Code

– Command units in battle
– Decide on military tactics in the field
– Battle in a large scale world scenario
– Fulfill orders at all times of the battle
– Feel the particular atmosphere of the Soviet battles of Kursk in 1943
– Game “Nations At War Digital: Stalin’s Triumph Battlepack 1” Features:
– Commanding the Red Army in a fight for the life of the Motherland!
– New rules for Assault, Tank Riders, Commissars, and Rockets!
– Fighting in the favorable terrain of the area of Kursk in the summer of 1943, the place of the battle for the fate of the Soviet Union
– The battle in large scale with the participation of up to 100 units
– Single game mode allows you to play the main scenarios or to choose from the 24 various missionscovey. fcubcub.com / Tue, Sep 8, 2015 at 2:29 AM

The latest update is available on its official site. The update is said to bring parity to team match play, adding new features to the site and a slew of bug fixes. fcubcub.com / Tue, Sep 8, 2015 at 2:29 AM

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