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Like no other action role-playing game (RPG) in the genre, Nioh created its own unique gameplay system with evolving and combat systems, high-fidelity art and a rich story inspired by Japanese legends and history. Nioh debuts a combat system that enables players to change their tactics by modifying their skill paths and battle maneuvers as the game progresses. Players can unleash powerful attacks using Samurai weapons such as Shuriken, Bō (a staff weapon), Katana (sword) and Maruhi (spear). Players can even pull off spectacular hand-to-hand combat with Raitengi (kicks and spins). Players’ movements and actions are represented by unique gestures, allowing players to use it all as a tool to deliver devastating attacks and perform unique actions. Players will experience a hand-to-hand combat like never before as they try to survive against fierce monsters with a unique and varied AI. Nioh is a single-player action role-playing game set in 17th century Japan.


• Nioh balances realism and fun by introducing a new physics system that allows players to move around the environment with real samurai movements. Players can explore the game world, unlock new gameplay options and do things with more ease and freedom than ever before.

• Players can experience a variety of martial arts from more than 40 unique schools ranging from edo-era Japan, as well as from West, China and Thailand.

• Players will encounter many great monsters and warriors from the legend. Players will face off against vicious demons, vampires, spirits and more, and players will not only fight for their lives, they will also try to win a legendary sword, the “Samurai Edge,” as they go deeper into the adventure.

• Nioh will also introduce a new “power management” system that will allow players to strategically control and manage their Ki (Energy) by targeting their strongest moves in battle. The more devastating attacks and combat actions you utilize, the more energy you will use. Players can enhance their skills to defeat the most powerful enemies and survive in battle.

• Players will experience a variety of the game world, as they will experience storytelling and dialogues from famous Japanese legends and history through the hidden story. Players will also witness humans’ exploration of the natural world as they experience extreme environments.

• Players will play as William or have dual character play mode (William and Nashira) to explore the


Nioh: Complete Edition Features Key:

  • Custom Character Size
  • Custom Rescale Resolution
  • Sleeping Chibi Mode
  • Fix Battle UI Theme
  • Custom Battle UI
  • Borrow Another Character
  • Gain EXP To Customize New Characters
  • Custom Weapon EXP
  • Blade Templates, Weapon Skins, Weapon Settings
  • Higher Levelled Weapons!
  • Improved Bosses!
  • More than 1200 Unique Weapons
  • Combat System "Judge Glasses"
  • Boss and Enemy Strengths
  • Digital Object Convection
  • Artbook
  • 5 Bonus Art Works
  • Enhanced Modes
  • Improved Japanese Characters
  • Webbed Player for the Humble Indie Bundle
  • Play as Hundreds of Anime, Pop & Action Figures
  • Four Languages!
  • Theme Support for, Xaivbot and Dreamn
  • 12 Point Scale of COOL AND FLAT (more sexy hentai) >
  • 1,500 New Battle Stages… and counting!

    Nioh: Complete Edition Crack +

    Nioh: Complete Edition Cracked Accounts includes the entire Nioh adventure as well as a number of bonus items and achievements!

    Extended Edition also includes all the “Trial of the Lotus” bonus content

    A selection of user-generated content (including character sheet artwork, Death Guides, and videos) has been included in this version as well

    3 – The Complete Edition

    About The Game The complete edition of Nioh adds the entirety of its adventure and a host of bonus items and achievements.

    The Complete Edition contains:

    The complete Nioh adventure

    The entirety of the player-created content released through the “Trial of the Lotus” Kickstarter campaign

    In addition to this “Complete Edition”, Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition comes with all of the items and achievements unlocked by completing the standard version of the game. Note that once completed, all items and achievements can be accessed by any version of the game.

    User-Generated Content

    Two associated user-generated game modes are included in Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition: In the Deathwalker: “Nioh” Documentary Series, players take on the role of one of the the game’s supervillain characters (Deathwalker, Blackblood, or Tairi) and travel across the United States to explore the rich history of the game’s supernatural villains. In the Artbook Project, players work through a variety of visual achievements by creating their own in-game artbook-style images.

    The Necromancer’s Legacy

    The Necromancer’s Legacy is an add-on to Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition which adds four additional character classes, a new weapon, and a new set of abilities to the game.

    Nioh 2: The Complete Edition

    The Complete Edition of Nioh 2 offers all of the game’s content in the same package as its predecessor, including the “Nioh” Documentary Series, the “Artbook Project”, and the opportunity to play as one of the game’s villains. In addition to this, each character class and its associated items have been unlocked in this version as well.

    In addition to these additions, Nioh 2: The Complete Edition also includes all of the items unlocked by completing the standard version of the game. Note that once completed, all


    Nioh: Complete Edition Crack Full Version

    This product is a compilation of the Nioh bonus content. Compatible with Nioh for PS4®.
    This content includes the Night Market, DLC items, Teamwork, Language Patch, Broken Sword Series, and more!* Requires the base game and the “Night Market” or “Collector’s Edition” add-on. Not compatible with the “Collector’s Edition” of the game. This content is available separately and comes packaged in a “Nioh Collectors Edition.”

    This content is NOT included in the Collector’s Edition. The content is included in the Standard Edition of the game.

    If you’re purchasing this product for the Collector’s Edition of Nioh, the ‘White Top’ disc may be included with this purchase.
    If the White Top disc is included in your purchase, you MUST DISCONTINUE READING AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE.


    This review contains spoilers for Night Market and Nioh. Read at your own risk.

    If you’ve ever wondered why your favorite series just didn’t catch fire like other over-hyped series have, you may now have an answer: the games are just too good to carry a series. Case in point: Nioh.

    Nioh, released back in 2015, is what some may consider a throwback to earlier Final Fantasy games. However, Nioh (pronounced as “Nine-oh”) is a departure from the Final Fantasy formula in multiple ways. The combat takes a radical new approach, and fans of the series may wonder why Nioh was released on consoles. Also, what are the chances you can fight a zombie samurai? Or are they asking that question on purpose?

    Another thing that sets Nioh apart from other action games is the NPC interaction. This game includes pre-rendered cutscenes that interact with the characters and even break the fourth wall. It would be something we’ve never seen before in a game.

    Characters have even more depth than the game itself as well. Nioh includes Japanese voice actors, and if you play the game with English voice acting, you’ll be amazed at what you missed.

    There are five main characters in Nioh. While the first character seems like your typical hack-and-slash standard, there are


    What’s new in Nioh: Complete Edition:

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    System Requirements:

    -Windows XP or higher
    -512 MB RAM
    -1 GB HDD
    -15 GB available space
    -A compatible headset.
    ▪ Download Links
    ▪ Official Website (Win, MAC)
    ▪ Steam Community (Mac)
    ▪ Xbox Live Marketplace (XBLM)
    ▪ Origin Store (XBO)
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