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No Response From Controller Vcds Lite CrackManufacturing a variety of microfluidic valves to regulate and isolate fluidic pathways on an ultra small scale has been difficult. Typically, valves have relied on bulky mechanical parts that take up space and do not allow complete control of fluid flow. Many options exist for fluidic control; for example, siphon, wet-piston, and air valves. Unfortunately, each of these types of valves result in rapid losses of control, and none allow for the creation and maintenance of absolute fluid flow, meaning that when the flow is opened the fluid automatically rushes out, and when the fluid is closed, fluid will flow in, under its own pressure.
Aerosol Science and Technology, Inc. (AST) and others have developed an aerodynamic drag based valve called the Aerosol Generating Ultrasonic Microvalve (AGUMV). The AGUMV relies on the conversion of acoustic energy into aerodynamic drag to control air flow. The AGUMV has an air inlet port with a piezoelectric transducer on its downstream side. In operation, acoustic energy that travels down the piezoelectric transducer is converted into mechanical energy. The mechanical energy is in turn converted into aerodynamic drag that operates on the flow of fluid through the inlet port. The AGUMV works well, but is very limited in size. It works well at volumes up to about 10 μl, because at larger volumes, pressure waves break up the air bubbles, and the AGUMV operates only at frequencies that do not cause the bubble to break.
A significant limitation of the AGUMV is that it is currently a full on valve, it will either be open or closed. This makes it non-ideal for many applications, because it limits the control of fluids through the device. For example, if a nano-scale valve is required to close off a certain channel, such as a sample inlet port, an open AGUMV may not be able to fully block the inlet port. Thus, there is a need for a valve that is able to close off a certain fluidic channel by controlling the flow of fluid, but the valve is also able to be fully open.Q:

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