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Strong visuals, an anime theme and customizable characters make NosTale an amazing new space shooter. The game currently boasts over twenty-five player classes, over a hundred pet types and a wealth of cosmetic items. Developers Gameforge have just recently opened up the

Explore an ever-changing world All buildings, game areas and the entire world in NosTale are automatically generated – meaning each time you visit a new area, you’ll see a fresh set of locations to explore.

The development team at Gameforge has been hard at work on the game for the last year, and as they finish up the game and prepare for its release, they take this time to thank you and the community for your patience as they get the game ready for release. They’d also like to encourage players to keep an eye on the NosTale channel on

NosTale is a great game in which you are taken to a mysterious new continent where its your role as a hero to combine the strength of two ancient races and combat four deadly monsters and their sinister leader Asgobas, a dragon who’s drive to reclaim his lost paradise is no obstacle to be overcome.

The work that took you a number of months to develop, adding many new and interesting features, is ready to be downloaded today in your PC! You play as a female firefighter who has to escape the prison and to prove its innocence. You use the device skills that you develop as you explore the environments to find puzzles that must be solved. The game is free to play and can be downloaded today!

Journey to the Celestial Lair, a mysterious new continent, home to dragons and the Draconians. Though they once lived together in harmony, the bond between the two groups was broken when the Dragon leader, Asgobas, suddenly commanded his followers to destroy the Draconian homestead. With the help of Ain, a genius inventor who calls the Celestial Lair home, players can unlock new items and equipment that will be vital in the quest to protect the Draconians from Dragon attacks and uncover the truth behind Asgobas’ turn to darkness.

Find out more aboutThe Celestial Lairupdate by watching the new trailer below:


TheCelestial Lairupdate includes:

NosTale will not install on the Bluray or the Game Disk. You need a DVD or a USB flash drive to install it as a portable game. Check our supported consoles list to know what platforms are supported and the list of iOS and Android platforms to learn about the different OS versions you can install the game on.
You can download NosTale here on Steam from the official site. NosTale will be available soon on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, for Nintendo 3DS and my Nintendo on both web browsers and mobile devices. And don’t forget you can always play NosTale on other devices such as PC or mobile phone just buy the key on our site. If you are having trouble with your game, you can check out our FAQ section for further assistance.
Celestial Lair is a massive new update which includes three new dungeons, eight new raid dungeons, a new raid quest dungeon, new ranger gear, a new Altar raid, new event dungeons, new world bosses, new world bosses, and more – nearly all of which are single player content.This is the biggest update for the game since its release in 2007, with the new world bosses and rework of the difficulty curves adding new challenges in the active player’s game. If you’ve never played the game before, you can check out the old default tutorial , which includes all the basics of the game. The NosTalewiki page contains additional tutorials for other features of the game. You can download the game here on Steam from the official site, or for other platforms here on

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