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Since you have a number of

then you will have

inside your function.

All you have to do is

$( “.fieldname” ).val()

see fiddle

To get the value of all

You can use

$(“.fieldname” ).each(function()

A series of tests have been conducted to determine the energy requirement of the creatures, which vary in size from 4cm to 18cm. They have a forelimb and a hind limb. Their forelimbs are longer than their hind limbs and the leading front foot is longer than the hind foot.

The tests have found that the creatures need to consume at least 0.87 kilograms of food per day. Their legs are covered with thick fur and their hind legs have onychophores (baby spiders), or false legs. Their body mass is controlled by the liver and heart, and their sex is determined by the temperature of their body parts.

The latest tests were conducted on eight specimens, and the results showed that the creatures generally slept all day and sat or walked around at night.


One species is known as the Wapiti, or the American Elk. They have large ears and horns. They are found mostly in the northern half of North America. They are primarily found in the wild in Montana, Wyoming, Minnesota and Alberta. They can weigh up to 450 kilograms and stand at 1.5 meters tall. They are relatively slow at 20 to 25 kilometres per hour.

Northern Lights

The Northern Lights, or the arctic fox, are one of the most common mammals found in the Arctic region. They only inhabit the tundra, or frozen surface of the Arctic. They are separated into four categories, and each of these categories have their own characteristics. These characteristics include small, ground dwelling, ground feeder and carnivorous.

The small, or small fox, are typically smaller than 12 centimeters and live within the Arctic’s tundra. They are often found on a single limb. They eat plants or animals, and are most likely to be prey to a predator.


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