Planet Coaster – Studios Pack Download [UPD] For Pc Ocean Of Games

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Planet Coaster – Studios Pack Download For Pc Ocean Of Games

before we move on, let me just say a few things about the planet coaster brand. planet coaster is a sandbox game, meaning that you can build whatever you want in a park. at the same time, it is an action-adventure game, with you playing as a park manager. you are responsible for managing the park, and the rides and attractions you have in place. you must make sure that everyone is happy, and that the park is profitable.

the planet coaster brand is always updating and updating. every week, there are new dlcs added to the game, with new rides and scenery, as well as new items for the studios and other third-party add-ons.

the single player campaign is good. you can play with up to 4 people (but they’re not required, and you can play alone too), and it’s really well designed and polished, like a lot of games from the developer. the maps are about the same size as the main game, so if you’re not used to the park builder, it’s not too big of a deal. the missions are also pretty cool. i love the “solo” missions, where you’re basically free to do what you want, design your park however you want, take as much money from it as you can, and destroy the competition by spending all your money on a roller coaster, or by being generous to the other players.

if you own planet coaster on steam, you are already aware of the free summer update for the game, which brings several new features and content. now you have a chance to get planet coaster – studios pack with the new rides and attractions, enhanced coasters, more scenic assets, and fireworks and display effects. this pack will be available on steam for free for the whole world. to get it, you have to be at least the 4th person who owns the game.

frontier developments touts planet coaster as a sequel to their previous game, rollercoaster tycoon 3. while the former title was a bit light on gameplay, it packed in just enough to let players design an amusement park complete with rides and attractions. planet coaster also sets itself apart by giving players an entire park environment complete with its own theme and theme items that can be used throughout. thankfully, the latter part of the game is where the meat lies.
each park that you create in planet coaster represents a different play area within the game. you can free roam the area and zoom out to a birds-eye view of your entire park, or zoom into the park to zoom right down to the individual attractions. you can choose to play in sandbox mode, which lets you customize your own theme park and customize the various rides and attractions present in it, or you can play through various goals, missions and challenges present in the career and challenge mode. in career mode, for example, you can complete various tasks to unlock new areas or complete career goals to earn special rewards.
going into planet coaster, you can select from a number of different base theme packs and add-ons. you can also expand your park with anything from rides and attractions to landscaping and attractions. however, aside from the base packs, you can also pay to purchase any of these items from the game’s library of add-ons. these add-ons are a bit more focused on the theme of the park and some of these include things like the classic park, a summer park and a zombie apocalypse park. they range from $1.99 to $5.99. at launch, you can only purchase the base packs, but frontier has announced that in the future you will be able to purchase add-ons as well.

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