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WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos is a real-time, action/RPG video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. The game features a top-down perspective and comes with widescreen support.
Reign of Chaos brings back the original core gameplay of the first Warcraft game and casts players as one of four warring factions.
Players will embark on an epic campaign through the lands of Azeroth, where they will explore, quest, and fight to become the most powerful player in the World of Warcraft.
Game Features:
4 different factions
A brand new campaign
33 customizable races
More than 50 player skills
Detailed graphics and character models
Earn epic in-game items
Crafting system with almost 300 recipes
Over 4000 items
More than 70 Alliance and Horde guilds to join
Experience a living, massive World of Warcraft
Classes include:
Warlock: a powerful wizard in the service of the demons
Barbarian: a fierce warrior dedicated to defending the innocent and slaying the wicked
Paladin: a powerful warrior in service of a righteous God
Demon Hunter: a cunning warrior with a demon-infused weapon
Rogue: a master of stealth, deception and speed
Priest: a holy warrior that helps the sick and dying
Shaman: a powerful mystic with the ability to summon beasts and control the elements
Mage: a spell-casting killer whose spells roar across the battlefields
Might as well be playing with 20-player global multiplayer
Online multiplayer or local co-op
Two-player splitscreen
User-friendly controls with an elegant point and click interface
Tactical, turn-based combat where you can execute moves as long as you have an adequate amount of mana and mana potions
Edit the sounds, music and art, or easily replace the track with one of the 24 music packs available free for Windows
View screenshots at
Did you know:
– That you can view a History of every single game play session ever played on the WarCraft II servers?
– That you can rate every single achievement you’ve ever earned?
– That you can see your friends’ in-game characters?
– That you can manage the game settings of the current game from the menu?
– That you can take screenshots, record videos and edit them in-game?
– And that we’re supporting Windows 3.11 and OS/2


Porcelain Mask Features Key:

  • Porcelain Mask is a VR photo puzzle game with impressive graphics and outstanding effects.
  • The VR photo puzzle game represents a creative selection of stunning and cool online flash game, so it is being thought of as a fashion,beauty and entertainment program.
  • Guests can discover abundant virtual fun in the game, which can be easy to learn and hard to pass.
  • There are multiple game modes in the porcelain mask game, such as the Single Mode, Team Mode, one-versus-one, and other 3-D modes.
  • Porcelain mask game in real friends places to help you to understand the people that you liked.
  • High-end graphics will show amazing effects. Players also can hear the music of the game and enjoy the beautiful face of the game.
  • Target box can be to unfold to show the frame behind and correct number of overlapping clouds.
  • Input your phone number into the target text and find out the friend’s phone number and introduce them.

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    Porcelain Mask is a kind of casual gaming that combined the mathematical complexity of Sudoku with VR photo puzzle.
    The concept that matches the eye and the brain to provide a new type of game experience.

    This is a game that will give you a fun filled experience, so what are you waiting for? Download Porcelain Mask now.

    to the power of 1/10, to the nearest integer?
    What is 256944 to the power of 1/6, to the nearest integer?
    What is the seventh root of 1270402 to the nearest integer?
    What is the square root of 2490365 to the nearest integer?
    What is


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    What’s new:

      The Porcelain Mask is an experimental project I started in 2012. I wanted to use this paint shader to create a mask that can be easily painted on, and that shows up as part of a video clips like masking an actor in a video production.

      The Original Idea

      Here’s what I imagined with the original idea: it basically served as a laser weapon that focuses a relatively small cone of photons to perform the laser effect. With some time, I made it more customizable:

      Someone could use a regular desktop or laptop LCD to get any effect, and being strapped to their face, their movement would be controlled by their facial expressions. They could then be used as a mask to protect artists from damage during the production process.

      Towards this idea, I did a prototype…

      The Build

      I started this project with the idea of getting back into working with 3D modeling, but I eventually shifted gears to focus on using Cinder for desktop fabrication.

      I used to help me order all the parts needed and have them sent to my apartment. The laser cutters were also from zircoplane. To do all the production work and joinery, I used Arduino Due for mechanical manipulations and 3D fusion for the actual part cutting.

      I reached the point where I was ready to put the mask together into one piece, but I needed a few tensile pieces that would allow me to attach the mask to the forehead via elastic bands. I first struggled with using PVC pipes, but ran out of ideas on other materials, so I just mimicked one like a tissue box.

      Some might be disinclined to use vacuum-forming as the making process for such a structure, but for my specific purpose, the volume of the shot would be relatively small and the cost of making it was remarkably low. You don’t have to have access to a shop with a giant vat with vacuum forming machines unless making a giant one. You can start with PVC pipes and 1.25mm sheets at home so they can be complete parts in the future.

      The paper mask prototype had a really hard time pulling off the frame, so using interfacing paper might have been a really bad idea. Nevertheless, I tested the structure and could confirm that I could actually go ahead and use this to create paper masks or a mask out of some other material.

      How it works

      My prototype was roughly


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    • Thanks…
      Thread ID: 217292

    Dedicated to all Porcelain Mask-ians 😀

    Indiegogo's CEO: “I wish I could be as nice  and humble a person as Porcelain Mask.  Would love to also invite you to enjoy a chat.  Ask me anything!  You can be confident I will respond truthfully and admirably.  Donations are really important to everyone in the gaming community.  Every – $5 I could have made on all the apps I have created.  Please consider supporting Porcelain Mask –


    System Requirements For Porcelain Mask:

    OS: Microsoft Windows 7

    Processor: Dual Core CPU with 2.3 GHz or higher
    Memory: 1 GB RAM
    Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 or AMD Radeon HD 7870 with DirectX 11 compatible graphics card
    Hard Disk: 3 GB available space
    Connectivity: Broadband Internet connection
    Additional Notes:
    Can be played offline
    Emulated Games:
    Worms Armageddon
    Killer Instinct
    Mortal Kombat
    Golden Axe
    Midway Arcade Treasures: Galaxian 3


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