Project Sam Orchestral Brass Classic 1.2 [KONTAKT].torrent UPDATED



Project Sam Orchestral Brass Classic 1.2 [KONTAKT].torrent

rogers 2006 acquisition of the historic united/western studios in hollywood, now renamed eastwest studios, facilitated the creation of a new series of large-scale orchestral libraries which includes eastwest/quantum leap hollywood brass. recorded by veteran film-score sound engineer shawn murphy from five mic positions (including an option that uses vintage ribbon mics), the librarys trumpets and french horns come in solo, duo and larger section sizes, with a six-player horn ensemble providing a heroic cinematic sweep. trombones are presented solo and as a three-piece ensemble; also included are tuba, cimbasso (a valved contrabass brass instrument) and a low brass section voiced in octaves which comprises two tenor trombones, bass trombone, tuba and cimbasso.

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complete orchestral collection is a brand new compilation of all peter siedlaczeks string essentials 2nd edition as well as the well known complete classical collection 2nd edition in one kontakt player 5 instrument with 26 gb of uncompressed sample content and more than 2800 kontakt instruments.
as a special bonus we added string tools – a collection of newer released chords, excerpts and moods from an almost forgotten secret project.

The Blitzen Brass Expansion is a standalone library of brass parts that I created specifically for Kontakt. These parts are full, rich, and articulate. Each instrument uses both articulation choices (pitch bends, hammer ons, pull offs, and longer sustaining notes) and a real steel trombone feel to create some of the best-sounding Kontakt libraries Ive ever created. This library is very colorful, and extremely versatile, all while sounding huge. The library is designed to be used with a variety of genres from Ambient to EDM. Overall, the library offers over 100 unique brass parts for Kontakt, providing massive orchestral brass content, including all major brass sections: piccolo, Flugelhorn, Trombone, Horn, Tuba, Trumpet and Baritone.
Orchestral Brass Classic includes all orchestral brass parts from Chris Hein in one powerfully-sampled, high-quality, budget-friendly package. Guaranteed to meet your orchestral production needs, this library is ideal for scoring and composition.
The SRX ORCHESTRA Software Synthesizer features selections from the legendary orchestral expansion boards for Roland legacy synths. Bring over 400 inspiring orchestral sounds to your music, including strings, brass, woodwinds, choirs, percussion, and more. For musicians who owned the original boards, SRX ORCHESTRA will feel like a long-lost friend. And new and old users alike will find an organized selection of polished sounds, at the ready to develop fresh ideas and build great-sounding tracks fast.
With Composers Workshop, Forzo: Modern Brass generates four choruses of Brass I choirs. Inspired by the rich brass scoring of film composers, the brass is anchored by four-voice choruses featuring full and semi-transposed parts. Solo brass parts are provided from four to 10 voices, and the horn sections are freely mixed with each other in both mixed and transposed versions, bringing variety, colour and drama to the composers score. Orchestral Brass I covers four sub-titles and comes with a basic score. (More details about the instrument pages can be found here ).

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