When surfing the Internet, you are bound to encounter one or more websites that are restricted in your zone or country. ProxMate for Chrome is a tool that can help you overtake this problem by implementing a simple and practical solution, that takes the form of a lightweight Chrome extension.
Quick setup and straightforward configuration
Generally speaking, a situation like this is overcome using a proxy server that can help you route your data transfer to servers from other countries where a certain restriction does not exist.
Though its name suggests its use, ProxMate for Chrome doesn’t rely on one proxy to be able to do its job. Instead, it collects bits and pieces of websites from a larger server network and directs that information to you.
The extension is installed in your Chrome browse just like any other by dropping it into the Extensions section of the browser. It’s from there that you are able to access its settings and configure it to match your needs.
Allows you to overcome regional Internet restrictions
Although ProxMate for Chrome doesn't directly use a default proxy to grant you access to certain websites, that does not mean you can’t connect it to one. From the options panel, you can easily do this by providing the Proxy URL and port number.
The biggest benefit from having and using this Java-based extension is the fact that it makes it possible for you to browse and view content from websites that are normally locked.
With ProxMate for Chrome you get access to services like Pandora, YouTube, Grooveshark, Turntable.fm, Songza, Discovery Channel, Vevo, MTV, Southpark Studios and Spotify.
A nifty extension for accessing content banned in your area
Displaying a simple icon next to the URL bar, where all Chrome extension reside, ProxMate for Chrome can easily be accessed from there and helps you enjoy the content of popular websites without any restrictions.


Download > https://urllio.com/2soBMm

Download > https://urllio.com/2soBMm






ProxMate For Chrome Free [32|64bit]

ProxMate is the most advanced extension to help you overcome the constraints imposed by the regional zone in which you are located. You are not alone in this, many people are in the same situation, and ProxMate helps you to overcome that.
Capable of redirecting any site to a banned one if it’s located in a certain restricted zone, like many other extensions, this one doesn’t rely on one proxy to be able to redirect a site. That said, the extension is still able to operate in real time, with no buffering delays or significant system requirements.

User uploaded libraries
It can offer another useful service to those who care to use its applications, which will provide them access to a variety of external online libraries, accessible to download from a single location.
This means that all the files contained in the external libraries of the owner of ProxMate for Chrome Crack are saved directly to the hard drive of your computer, without being delivered via the web, and consequently you have access to each file exactly as it is.
You will be able to access these files via the extension and easily add them to your library of applications, so that each time you visit the application, you can quickly access the files. And that means that you can use your computer as a shortcut to libraries, the only downside being that you have no control over what the library contains.
Everything and more within ProxMate
This Chrome extension can be described as an almost full-fledged app, with the exception of the fact that it does not work with the settings of other extensions, as well as it does not work if the page is in offline mode. As soon as this happens, it’s also unable to access the resources of the page as it originally did.
It can help you overcome the constraints imposed by the regional zone in which you are located, making it possible to access sites that are normally locked, or simply to browse a website with its content, or even access any other files, if there is access to the desired one from the file extensions of the extension.
Final words
The ProxMate for Chrome extension has been developed to offer users access to the most popular sites and free content. It tries to overcome the regional restrictions imposed on users around the world by providing an easy way to access to these sites without restrictions.

You can easily obtain optimal results to present your work or ideas with a great amount of professional attention. It will be easy to create flawless

ProxMate For Chrome Crack + Free Download For Windows

This extension allows you to bypass restrictions of web content by connecting to servers from countries with less restrictions through a Proxy.
Supported websites:

-Discovery Channel
-Southpark Studios

How to install:

1. In your browser, go to chrome://extensions/ and click on “Developer mode”.

2. Click on the “Load unpacked extension” button.
3. Navigate to the “extension” folder you downloaded.

4. Open the “proxmateforchrome.crx” file.
5. The extension will be installed automatically.

If you have any question don’t hesitate to contact me directly.

Developer: Myself

ProxMate for Chrome Cracked 2022 Latest Version
Category:Web Development Tools

Very useful
The extension works as intended and provides a quick and easy way to access restricted websites. I have used it multiple times and was very pleased with its ease of use and speed. However, be advised that it will not work with any non-HTTP websites. In fact, even the new HTTPS protocol, sometimes used to secure websites, is not supported.

Very useful
Easy to use


Non-HTTP supported

Great extension
By far the best extension that I have used so far. When I used to use the browser VPN, it was just as good, but ProxMate for Chrome Full Crack is much faster, so faster to toggle between server locations!

Quick to toggle between servers


Does not work on all sites

Can’t download youtube videos
Thanks for your product!
I really love it, it worked well. Recently I was having some trouble downloading certain videos from youtube so I contacted you through your support team to let them know about the issue. And guess what? They actually had a look and fixed the problem. So for that I really want to thank you 🙂
Great extension
I use this extension in my Chrome browser for surfing the internet and getting a VPN from my home in Australia to my work in New Zealand and it works well. Very impressed.
Good experience
It’s a simple and

ProxMate For Chrome With Full Keygen [Win/Mac] Latest

Seek out content that can’t be accessed within your area.

ProxMate for Chrome is the extension that enables you to access content that is blocked by your ISP or parental controls.
ProxMate for Chrome is a Chrome browser extension that enables you to access web content that is restricted by your ISP or parental controls. It has been designed with this in mind and currently supports content from p2p platform like Grooveshark, YouTube, Pandora, Spotify, TV, Vevo, and Discovery Channel.
Whether you are looking for a recommendation for an awesome song, a related video you can watch or you just want to see what’s cooking on your favorite TV channel ProxMate for Chrome can help you and by doing so, save you a lot of time and frustration.
With ProxMate for Chrome you get to enjoy the content of a variety of media apps like Grooveshark, YouTube, Pandora, Spotify, TV, Vevo, Discovery Channel and many more.
You can also pick the song you love to list the song info and play along with the beautiful thump of a live music player.

If you have been using the latest Chrome, you have probably noticed that the option to disable pop-ups is not always present. The problem with this is that you cannot have meaningful conversations with an “instant alert” popping up on your screen.
Adobe Flash can make your browsing experience more enjoyable
Internet Explorer has been giving the Chrome browser a run for its money for some time now, but however annoying that may be, one good thing about it is that it is possible to install and use other browsers, such as Firefox.
That said, if you currently use Internet Explorer you will not like the limited browsing features that come with it. You will also be familiar with the tools that come with this feature in order to enable you to surf the web in a more efficient way.
There are many reasons why you might need to browse the web with your Chrome. Among them is the fact that you are more familiar with it. Moreover, it is also the standard when it comes to browser extensions, meaning that it is not possible to find any other browser that can compete with its features.

AdBlock Plus brings advanced ad blocking features to your browser, blocking web sites from capturing your personal information.
AdBlock Plus is a free, open-source and cross-platform ad-blocking extension for all major web

What’s New in the ProxMate For Chrome?

ProxMate for Chrome is a light-weight extension that works as a built-in proxy and is capable of overriding certain regional restrictions. It was developed based on the Java programming language with the goal of opening your public services to you in cases where they are normally unavailable.

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System Requirements For ProxMate For Chrome:

OS: Windows 10 Version 1803 (OS Build 17134.7), Windows Server 2016 Version 1709 (OS Build 1511), Windows Server 2012 R2 Version 1204 (OS Build 1507), Windows Server 2012 Version 11 Build 12240 (OS Build 11125) and Windows Server 2008 R2 Version 10240 (OS Build 10586)
OSX: 10.11 El Capitan or macOS 10.12 Sierra
Processor: 2.3 GHz Intel Core i3 or above
Memory: 4 GB RAM


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