RPG Tycoon aims to create a familiar yet original experience for players of all ages by combining classic tycoon gameplay with the unique theme of Kingdom management.
Start with just a single plot of land and choose from a plethora of Heroes to send on quests in order to steadily grow the fame of your Kingdom. As popularity increases you’ll attract settlers from the surrounding towns to spend money on shops and services you provide.
Choose from over 60 unique buildings and decoration styles to design your ideal kingdom!
EXPLORE AND EXPANDComplete different quest combinations to keep the Settlements you protect happy and send your Heroes on Epic Adventures with multiple choice events inspired by tabletop RPG’s!
Choose from over 30 different Quick Quest combinations & over 60 unique Epic Quests to unlock new content!
BE THE GREATEST KINGDOM IN ALL OF THE LANDYou won’t be alone in your ventures. You’ll have to prove yourself against the other Kingdom leaders as you compete in order to attain the title of “Greatest Kingdom in All of the Land”.
Score points with every action you make and compete against AI’s of varying difficulty to get the high-score and win!
EASILY EXTENDABLEAs most of the data for RPG Tycoon is loaded from simple XML files and Spritesheets when the game starts it’s hugely extendable with ease.
With a basic knowledge of XML or image editing software you can create an endless amount of additional content for RPG Tycoon with ease. Add new Quests, Buildings, Heroes, Items and more in no time at all.
Share and get feedback on your mods with other users on the Steam Workshop!

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We are using Ionic 2 and Angular 4. We want to use Firebase for database. We are facing issues which should be easy for most of you but it has been an issue for us for a long time and couldn’t resolve.
Below is the issue:

We have tried all the solutions:
1) npm install firebase
2) npm install firebase


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RPG Tycoon is an RPG Tycoon Game in the style of classic 2D Games such as Dungeon Master and The Settlers. Instead of choosing starting resources and developing them into your ultimate King of all lands, you choose at the start of the game to establish your Kingdom and take on the role of a “Hero”, making decisions for a small group of settlers and their unique back stories.

When you start using a certain building, it will build itself (except for the shops, which you build yourself). Every now and then, you’ll receive a request to build a new building. When you do so, it’s based on the building rules, presented in blue text when you use the ‘build’ option in the buildings menu.
You can manage your Soldiers to receive more Resources, you can access the Hero building, which lets you, in a sense, recruit (from a pool of 3) additional Heroes, and you can market and sell your resources to other settlers (or other players). The population of your settlements may grow to over a hundred people, which will in turn increase the population of the surrounding towns, and open up new possibilities.
Settlements are in 2 sizes: Basic, which have no buildings except for your Hero; and Cult, which have the builder’s workshops. Cult settlements grow larger, and offer extra buildings to purchase, and a wider range of equipment and resources to work with.
The larger the population of your settlements and surrounding towns the more resources and options you have at your disposal.
Heroes are special units who can bring additional benefits to your settlements, like extra population growth, extra money-flow, or extra defense power. They are all presented in a gold UI, and can either be found by exploring your kingdom (they will not start inside town), or be recruited by having a request submitted from a town for a particular Hero, or through the use of a guild to recruit a group of Heroes for the purpose of defending a specific settlement or protecting a particular resource. Heroes may also be used as a part of a Quick Quest.
Each settlement only has a maximum of 3 Heroes, as well as a maximum of 3 heroes per category (there are 4 Hero categories: Psychic, Swordmaster, Attacker and Healer).
Heroes are presented in a generic gold UI, and each have their own unique category within the Kingdom.
There are roughly a dozen Heroes available to a settlement, and they can be augmented with additional Heroes by having specific heroes request you to recruit them. Having a particular


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The mod’s success and continued development was largely influenced by an extremely positive reaction to it on Steam, overwhelmingly in favor of all three new original content genres it was able to produce (realtime, turn-based, and dynamic) and beyond. Over 28,000 RPG Tycoon players have played and supported the dynamic sandbox game. The mod received 3.4-stars from the Steam Community and over a total of 42,075 fans, both in its first two months and since its initial launch (a large number of RPG Tycoon players also joined the game after the release, likely attracted by its modding support).

Proud of its past, excited for the future, and striving to create a uniquely memorable experience, the mod also received considerable (and ongoing) support from customers that have made major modifications to the game and expanded their local versions in order to expand and enhance the development of RPG Tycoon:

Guild Wars 2 Version. A fully modded version of the RPG Tycoon dynamic sandbox game has been developed for the massively popular MMO RPG Guild Wars 2. Using the modding functions created for and fully supported by RPG Tycoon, top players of Guild Wars 2 have already created over 100 unique quests for players, buildings, decorations and items, integrating RPG Tycoon’s mechanics in a beautifully crafted, seamless, and easily extendable version of the game. The Guild Wars 2 mod for RPG Tycoon was announced in July 2016 and is currently under active development with a due release date to be announced in the near future.

Deck16 Online. Based in Russia, a smaller team of RPG Tycoon gamers have been hard at work for over two years to port the gameplay and in-game features of the RPG Tycoon mod to the most popular free MMORPG and MMORPG-like game in Russia, which has approximately 60,000 players. RPG Tycoon players can create unique experiences and quests, upgrade buildings, and use Hero kits to beat enemies in this fully functional, intuitive, and expandable version of the game.

The mod “RPG Tycoon” has set new Guinness World Records for most number of quests and overall added user generated content in a game to date. The mod also has been the largest download of a mod to date (not including GameRanger or other Downloads) as it was downloaded over 900,000 times in the first two years of the mod’s launch.

Is it still possible to play RPG Tycoon, even if your computer wasn’t built for it?

If you have your development


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