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How to mark hbase string values as STRING_ENCODED in java

I am using Hbase with Ruby. For fetching data from hbase, I can use “String Encoding” for specifying column data type in ruby. In my case, I am sending data as a string to hbase. In Ruby, when we send data as String, hbase will understand it as String. But in Java, when I try to send String data to hbase, it is understood as VARCHAR and I am unable to fetch String data using Java.
Can I mark the hbase column data type as STRING_ENCODED in java?


You can set up a property in your config, you can do this in hbase-site.xml

Then you can get your data as a Text value

You can read more here:


Bitbucket and Docker – Do deploys happen in a different container than the git repo?

If I have Bitbucket, and it has a Git repository, do deploys happen in a different container than the git repo? Or does bitbucket just push your code to a container on its server?
Is this how GitLab and Heroku work?
Thank you very much


If you have private repositories it’s not public so yes deploys happen in a different container (not directly linked with your repo).

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Disclaimer: All the movies and videos are copyrighted by their respective owners and authors, and are provided here as a reference for personal research only, no malicious complaints will be accepted. If you have any wish to be the copyrights owners, or remove your work from here, kindly contact us immediately.Donald Trump offers to appoint special prosecutor for Hillary

On Wednesday, Donald Trump proclaimed that he has a “great relationship” with special counsel Robert Mueller and that he’d be glad to talk with him. The extraordinary off-hand comments didn’t go unnoticed: Trump’s spokesman later said that the President-elect spoke “in a personal capacity.” But they were also right in line with what Trump has been saying about Mueller on the campaign trail.

Trump has been repeatedly pestering the FBI for help investigating Hillary Clinton and her election-year email server. He apparently never expected the agency would actually do something about it. But Mueller is, in fact, a Republican, and he is headed a special unit established by the Deputy Attorney General who was appointed by the President who was appointed by Obama. Mueller has the law and the precedent on his side. The best Trump could do to signal his good faith and — more importantly — to force Mueller into a mistake would be to suggest Mueller talk directly to him about the investigation. By suggesting that Mueller would be willing to discuss the case with his boss, Trump effectively declared that he was interested in hearing Mueller’s thoughts on the case: If that was his belief, then it might be true.

It’s worth noting that Trump is not pressuring FBI officials to reopen the investigation. (He has never asked Director Comey to appoint a special counsel.) The closest Trump came to asking for an investigation is in his letter to Comey, in which he asked the FBI to “consider reopening” the investigation. There is no indication that any Democratic presidential candidate has ever asked for any investigation.

In any case, Trump has already talked about Trump-Mueller before. Back when the FBI was investigating Hillary Clinton’s emails, Trump was frustrated that there was no investigation — and he repeatedly publicly talked about Trump-Mueller. In July, Trump said the �

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