Don’t know what to do.


I think that the new, updated, AC Synchro 9 is not backward compatible with older (or not yet installed) versions of AC Synchro 8, that are installed in the same machine.
I think that the problem is that the installer in the new version will try to reinstall it with a new version, but the old version is already there, so it will not create the new database, and continue as before, for some reason.
I will try to install the old AC Synchro version as a solution.

1. Field of the Invention
The present invention relates to paper products, and more particularly, to absorbent products that include a magnetic layer which is used in combination with a high bulk transfer medium to absorb and transport ink from an inkjet printhead.
2. Description of the Related Art
Inkjet printing has become a popular way to form images on a variety of substrates, including fabrics, papers, labels, and porous materials. Most of these images involve only text (e.g., information) that is not as aesthetically pleasing as images formed using impact printing techniques such as those used for printed materials. Nevertheless, the small size, low cost, and low running costs of inkjet printers makes them a desirable option for many users. For example, such printers are highly suited for printing in low volume runs on paper labels that are affixed to a variety of packages.
Not surprisingly, inkjet printers are becoming more powerful and are capable of printing images with increasing detail. As such, the inkjet printers are capable of printing a greater range of colors. Additionally, the quality of the print images is dependent in large part on the quantity of ink that is delivered to the surface of the substrate. Thus, the inks used in inkjet printers must contain as much ink as possible and, in particular, must be able to carry a sufficient amount of ink without spreading.
In order to better absorb ink from the print head, and to better prevent the ink from leaking from the container, absorbent products have been developed. In this regard, such products are designed such that they act to retain the ink once it is discharged from the print head, while allowing the ink to mix with air and, thus, act like a high bulk medium. However, such absorbent products tend to be messy and can be difficult to handle if the absorbent product comes in contact with the hands. Moreover, the absorb


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