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at the end of each commentary of some long innings, for example, ‘qadir khan is out,’ and there were people calling him a clogger or similar names,” akhtar says, “saeed told him to ignore all that. it was a very delicate period and akhtar, for the sake of pakistan cricket, handled it well. i think this is why people have turned against him now. it’s like that with every good player in the world who speaks out against the way players are treated. if they speak up, people turn against them.”

parvez rasheed [the pakistan coach], imran khan [the vice-captain] and wahab riaz [the vice-captain] are the future of pakistan cricket, he says. even if they don’t make a mark, the important thing is that they are willing to speak out against the shortcomings of the system.

after the book was published, the book was a house hold name, akhtar says. when people read it, they realised that life is not all about power and money. ultimately, the people reading the book realised that we need unity at home and unity with the world. there is no such thing as pakistan cricket without him, he says. one of the other characters in the book was former pakistani pacer chappal singh .

sachin is world-class and i bowled to him, which i never did to any other player, but it was sachin who made the most runs in this game. when he is in the form and runs at 80-85mph, he could not be stopped even by glenn mcgrath. in england in the 90s, when he was in form, he would never think of making runs.

a cricket lover, he won the pakistan cricket board’s (pcb) first ever domestic award, the dlf cup in 1969. he was also in charge of cricket at punjab university for two years in 1970-71. he was the first pakistani cricketer to have organised a domestic league. when asked about the best quality of batsmen in the domestic circuit, he said, you have to select somebody that has real courage to walk up to the wicket. he believes the other qualities are a good shot maker, patience, as well as practice and training.
one of the most successful cricketing captains of all time, he led pakistan to her first test series win in england in 1986. it was, however, pakistan’s first victory in england for 22 years. the next year, he led his team to the world cup final, losing to england. he also led pakistan to their first world cup title in 1992-93. in 1996, he was named pakistan’s coach, and he led pakistan to their second world cup title.
he was named the captain of pakistan in the west indies in october 2000, and led them to victory. this was the first win in the west indies by a pakistani side since they returned to test cricket in 1976. he was then given the vice-captaincy of pakistan, which led to a serious divide with his former captain waqar younis. akhtar was then made the captain when younis was dropped after the test series against india in january 2001. after being dropped, younis later refused to stand by him. this came after mir ‘qadir, who was now pakistan’s coach, advised the board to drop him. the team went on to complete a 1-0 test series win against india in february 2001. it was the only test series win by pakistan over india in the post-1992 era. this was also seen as a major blow for the former captain, waqar younis. after the team’s victory in the 2001 world cup, he led pakistan to world cup victories in 2003 and 2007.

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