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The story takes place in a unique old world where only the very few know about. You draw a “sketch” of this world into the game universe and your character is now an observer in this parallel universe. The rules of this universe are:
– Rules of physics have been disregarded;
– Everything is drawn with all details of reality;
– Every living thing draws its destiny without knowing what will be.
Now this universe is being invaded by minions of a fiend, that controls the Big Bad (that is the only adult from your sketch world). He wants to use you to make his own. Now you have to find your way out of the sketch world, and arrive to the surface where you can start a new life.
Sketch Tales will be free to play and will have no cost for “Paint the Town Red” DLC.
Sketch Tales is in development by CD PROJEKT RED studio.

In this week’s Developer Diary we showcase one of our major features, the “Paint the Town Red” DLC for Sketch Tales.
It includes all the main features of the game and can easily be installed standalone after initial launch. This DLC is free for all Sketch Tales players, so come and play with the time of your life!

This is one of the most important features we have for this game. There is such a thing as too much freedom to plan, and Sketch Tales still needs to be a sandbox.
This means that in the game world there are many nooks and crannies that you can visit and explore. Our goal is to give you the tools to create all kinds of things.
That said, our playerbase has been a little reluctant to visit these areas, and instead they prefer to plot things out with the main questline.

In order to solve this problem, we added a way to create tools for you to construct whatever you want. You simply draw in a place you want to create an object, and it will be placed in the world for you to use.

Anyone can interact with these tools, and there are many possibilities. An example of an item created by the player is a gun, which you can draw, position and aim.

There are many other things you can construct, and we have a full list here:

The biggest challenge was that


Sketch Tales Features Key:

  • A Shared Game between Two or More Friends
  • Select from Two Different Activities
  • Load a previous Game to resume

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    Sketch Tales [Win/Mac]

    Sketch Tales is an immersive action-RPG sandbox where you appear in a hand-drawn world, which is driven by drawing.What you draw becomes what you play.What is Sketch Tales? Where will you appear?
    The game is a cross-platform game and it will be playable from the following devices: PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.How does it work?
    The game is only accessible with pen and paper. Everything is a hand-drawn item. You can draw weapons, toys, structures or anything else; Every item can be placed, acted upon and changed by hand. This gives total freedom, as you can do anything, create a town within a second or go without any plan. This means that you always have the option to create a fresh world or destroy it.What are the drawbacks?
    No technical limitations exist in the mechanics, which allows a total freedom of creativity. On the other hand, some drawing may be harder or more difficult than others. There is a charm in the difficult and doodle which is hard to define.How is the game art played with the gameplay?
    When you start a new game, you appear in a hand-drawn world and you have total freedom over what you draw. You can place objects, change the appearance of the items, weapons and bodies and more. There are no goals that need to be reached by a certain amount of time. All that only serve as guidelines to make your world interesting and limitless.How can I participate in the development?
    If you want to see what the future holds, you can stay in touch with the community on the on our website. If you like what you saw so far and want to make Sketch Tales a reality, you can join us as a development partner:
    Our Kickstarter is already live! One and a half year ago we had an idea that transformed into a full length game.To get Sketch Tales to market, we are opening it up to you, the players.If you want to help us with the development and do further research about us, you can fill out this questionnaire to learn more about us.

    Jot down your thoughts. The feedback helps us improve the game.

    Jot down your thoughts. The feedback helps us improve the game.




    Sketch Tales:

    – wzard

    Badges are not awarded for games that are in early access, or are completely finished.

    – HalfStats


    Sketch Tales Free Download PC/Windows

    Will be added with upcoming updates:Character selection: choose your own character’s attributes;City design: create a fully unique town for a player who wants it. But be careful when you use the Design Kit! The buildings will come in different colors and sizes and will be functional. It’s up to you to make sure your characters can stay in the world you want to build! Build a city with a place for everything and everyone!Craft your own weapons: the world around you has a different mood and gives certain weapons an aura. Choose a path, draw a sword or write a spell. Skillfully crafted items can be used against the enemies you encounter or you can sell them to the inhabitants.Your weapons in Sketch Tales:

    You have 100 weapons in your inventory at all times! Items you draw on the ground or paint on doors or walls become functional doodles in the game and are useful in different situations. Do not forget to upgrade the weapons you collect as they will improve the quality and effectiveness of your drawn items.Become the very best in the world: level up your skills and trade them in for new ones. From bows, to swords, to grenade launchers and much more – use them in combat!Use things the way you want them to be used: hang bombs in a wall, hang a castle in a tree or paint on the ground, it’s all up to you!Meet new friends: meet new friends in the game or participate in PvP combat with them, invite them to join your world or fight against them. In PvP it’s usually for the deadliest things in the game.Features for Story & Gameplay Sketch Tales:

    Will be added with upcoming updates:Leveling up: level up your character, get better skills and trade them in for new ones.Items: earn items to use in combat, these items can be trade to players who have similar items.Equipment: earn and upgrade your equipment.Transition: travel between the game levels via portals.Progression: become stronger and get better equipment!Obstacles: overcome obstacles and destroy a turret or wall to take them out of the way.Game modes: cooperative story mode, free exploration, PvP mode for close to impossible combat.Story Sketch Tales:

    Will be added with upcoming updates:Blow a bugle: catch bugs and report them in the game to the devs!Achievements: unlock achievements, watch cutscenes and more!Quests: play story mode, collect items and reach a goal to pass


    What’s new:

    : Alternate Endings

    I’d like to preface this post by saying that these are just for fun. It was more a curiosity than any kind of attempt to start a joke thread. That being said, I’d like to ask that people who see these type of posts think about whether or not the story really needs to end the way it did. I happen to see this question as type of statement in and of itself: “Should I follow my muse, or not?”

    I’ve made a few changes to the story, most of which I feel fit in more with what I thought was the original plot at the time. Don’t take any of this as the end of things, because I still intend to continue this story.

    The only other change I had to make was where to put in my character’s save points. I figured they’d fit better here, rather than at around 100%. And, no, there aren’t any White Mage books you can buy/download. If there were, something really bad would have happened on the play-through.


    As the healer in our group, the first thing that I requested was for Suguna to place her healing staff at our right, to provide her with extra healing at the start. After a little bit of discussion, Suguna put the staff in their hands and we threw our spells. Unfortunately, with Suguna’s healing staff’s element of flight, everyone’s spells were cancelled out because we were standing in the middle of a hallway. I quickly noticed this was a problem because I had the strongest character in the group, so I talked to my companions about what to do and they suggested using some fireballs. So, we all dispersed, the cleric and warlocks concentrated on two sides of a wall, and the mage looked for a closer target on the side of the main door, to fire a fire-flinging projectile. On the opposite side, the rogue also distributed around the room, looking for trouble on the other side of our target.

    I, meanwhile, looked around to see if I could find any attackers in our line of sight, and I took to the stairs. They weren’t at the top of the stairs, where our group went to fight the bandits. Several monsters attacked me, and I was almost defeated. However, as I fell, my staff broke in two


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