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I’m quite sure it is zipped, as when I use WinZip it says it’s a self extracting file.


Your ZIP file is a regular archive with a valid data descriptor and a valid central directory. It is not self-extracting and probably requires file-extracting software to do anything with the files. I suspect you extracted the zip file by using the File->Extract function in Windows, which operates on the archive file as any other file.
You should not extract archives by trying to ‘unzip’ them with zip, unzip, unrar or other command line utilities.

Sometimes I’d get cocky and think of M Baha Muhyiddin as someone who’d roll over to defeat the wannabe-dictator (that’s what we thought of the prime minister then).

Instead, he parried and defeated his opponents by doing something seemingly impossible: He “squeezed” power through deputies in the parliament, solidifying his power base and making the prime minister irrelevant in the process.

Though sometimes a tad messy, he’d also impress us with his acerbic wit.

One of my favourite M Baha quotes is: “If a man makes a mistake in a grave matter, there should be no grave matter; if he fails to stop a lie in a small matter, there should be no lie.”

When he read about the Declaration of Independence – a document where he and friends, influenced heavily by the US Declaration of Independence, outlined what Indonesia should be like in the future, using the same approach and quote – he was left wowed by how modern the document was for its time.

“To declare independence by how-we-thought-of-then is very modern.”

We also appreciated his vision to Islamise Indonesia; his idea that Indonesia is “a state of the Islamic faith; in which all the citizens in every aspect, must be working to keep up that Islam.”

On an average day, you might catch him on Indonesian TV, joking with close friends, dining with his five or more children, drinking a beer with us, walking down Balai Kota, playing football, or going swimming with his relatives on some of the islands.

I think one of the nicest things of Indonesia was the “we-are-one

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