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Strokes Maker 1 23 Full Version.rar

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Borealis & Future Perfect Full Version 🙂 K.U.P.K. (upgrade included free) | rar | 1.48 GB For Many. Download it now for free and enjoy!. Again the full version of this program is not avaialbe for download.. Easy Strokes: The Art of Reverse Penetration #3
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jquery checkbox that fires a function on change

I have this check box,

Now I am trying to do some ajax / jquery validation when this changes, to match up with the stuff that I have below.
function createNewSelectionRow(){
var y = $(this).attr(“name”);
var selected = $(this).val();
type: “POST”,
url: “”,
data: “is_true=’+selected+’&”,
dataType: “html”,
success: function(data){
//do something
error: function(data){
//do something


$(‘#my_table tr’).live(‘click’,function(){

When the table row is clicked I want the function to fire. Right now it doesn’t. Ideas?


Checking for changes in the checkbox will need to happen via the change event on the checkbox. Also, you need to use a delegated handler on the table, so it can catch events on the newly added row. Try this:
var row

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