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you agree that you will not attempt to create derivative works based on the licensed materials that are similar to the work of blizzard or the work of other participants in the fan art program. you agree that any such derivative works will be subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement and will not infringe on any copyrights, trademarks, or other intellectual property rights of blizzard or any third parties. if you violate this section of the agreement, your right to use the licensed materials will be terminated, and you may be liable for damages, including attorneys’ fees. blizzard may terminate your rights to use the licensed materials without notice if you violate the terms of this agreement.

all work that is submitted to blizzard must be the work of the artist submitting the work to blizzard and not the work of another person. blizzard will not accept any work that is made, published, posted, uploaded, downloaded, reproduced or otherwise used in any way that infringes on the intellectual property rights of others.

all submissions to the fan art program must be made by you on your own behalf and on your own behalf only, and not on behalf of another person, company, or entity. blizzard is not responsible for any submissions that do not meet these requirements. if you submit a submission to blizzard that does not meet these requirements, blizzard reserves the right to refuse to post and/or remove your submission from the fan art program.

download the desktop app from the mac app store or windows store. in addition to browsing your friends’ profiles, you can see what they’re up to, send messages, and keep in touch through social features. you can also use the app to log in to your account and play games, manage your blizzard games, and more.

as a reminder, diablo ii: resurrected will contain the original game plus all of the following content: the art of diablo: blizzard’s original vision for the diablo series, from concept to creation. the art of diablo will feature artwork from the original diablo i, diablo ii, and diablo iii, and will offer a deeper look into the evolution of the diablo universe and the influence of blizzard’s environment on the creation of the diablo franchise. [2] [3] the art of diablo ii: resurrected brings the original diablo ii experience to the xbox one and playstation4. this means that players will be able to enjoy the game on these new platforms, and will also be able to access the legacy gameplay on the pc.
blizzard entertainment is a video game developer and publisher headquartered in irvine, california. blizzard entertainment was founded in 1996 by mike morhaime and frank pearce, and is best known for the warcraft, diablo, and overwatch series. blizzard entertainment has its own studios in irvine, california, new york city, shanghai, and montreal.
in the upcoming year, blizzard entertainment will deliver a new set of heroes for overwatch, with the first three characters releasing in 2016: the all-star hero sombra, the elite soldier mccree, and the mysterious vigilante tracer.
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