1. Practice Separating Business From Pleasure

Men, this is what you want to do.

Women, this is why you want to do it.

Everybody wins.

I’ll explain.

When you find a new dating service, there’s a good chance you’ll fall down a rabbit hole, trawling through endless profiles and swipe profiles and seeing who you can drag off the couch, drag to the bar, or into your bed.

How do you know which type of person is worth talking to?

Well, some people are clearly superficial and clearly need to be taken down a peg. Others, though, are worth talking to and actually have aspirations and dreams that aren’t some frivolous animal park.

Men, you especially need to make this distinction and work to separate business from pleasure. There are plenty of women out there who will treat you like a buddy, but only engage in conversations because it makes you money. There are plenty of women out there who will treat you like a pal but only engage in conversations because they’re lonely and want to make some friends. Men, you can find those, too, and that’s the crucial skill to having a fruitful dating experience: separating the two.

For women, practice this separation all the time: between who you want to be with and who you want to have fun with. It’s natural to be able to have fun with most people, but it’s vital that you separate fun from business with men, and that you expect men to make the same effort. If you can’t do it in your everyday life, do it here: in the dating app.

This separation is vitally important because you may be a business partner, but you still want to have fun with people. Put simply: Don’t be all business with people. Don’t be all business with people.

2. Don’t Make The Same Mistake As Everyone Else

“I’m looking for someone slightly younger than me.”

“I’m looking for someone a little younger than me.”

“I’m looking for someone who’s slightly older than me.”

If you haven’t been hanging around StumbleUpon for too long, you’ll probably have seen it. It’s a dating app where you can create your own groups of people you� https://www.firstglancedating.com/are-sugar-babies-the-best-for-hookup-search-hot-models-in-your-bed.htm
You know the drill: swipe left or right on OkCupid, match.com, or any of the other dating apps, and you’re instantly presented with the pictures and profiles of potential dates. From there, you do a little sleuthing: Maybe you like their profile photo, and maybe you don’t. You might wonder if they have any online connections that they’ve indicated are shared (Yup, maybe they put a picture of their best friend on their profile, who happened to match you)—and you might be turned off from that once you realize that they’ve mentioned it. Maybe you like their profile, but you don’t like their profile photo. Maybe you clicked through a second time after seeing that second profile. Maybe you didn’t, or maybe you read the profile and saw something that made you not want to answer. Maybe you were on there for a while and didn’t notice, and you have 200 people who were on there a lot longer than you.

Let’s face it: Dating can be a little intimidating, and it has nothing to do with confidence. Even if you are completely comfortable with yourself and are a good conversationalist, the idea of putting your best self forward and being vulnerable with a stranger who may become the love of your life is, well, daunting. If you’re in the market for a relationship—whether it’s a casual fling or something long-term—consider this your guide to modern dating.

1. Do a little research online. Know your options.

Let’s say you’re looking for some local casual fun. Are you on Tinder? Plenty of Fish? Match.com? OkCupid? Grindr? Let’s say you’ve settled on OkCupid. Now, you have some time to consider your options. You can swipe—which means you read the profiles—and go for it. Or, you can click through and make sure the people in the pictures actually fit the descriptions. (There’s a one-click way to do that here at the dating app, but I highly recommend going into each person’s profile to check things like age, location, and number of mutual matches. If you’re worried that someone will see that you’ve gone to their profile, you can turn your computer completely off or go to a different “room�


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