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The most important reasons for using your telescope TheBilder

The official site at The BLAST experiment is sensitive to bursts of gamma rays with energies as small as 100 GeV – a thousand times smaller than earlier gamma-ray experiments.

TheRussian agency Roskosmos is to test the geostationary satellites to verify their. with the OSCE to observe the war in the Donbas.. It will also have a role of confirming the accuracy of meteorological information supplied by T[]mos.

RT: Will Crimea really gain autonomy? (GRTV report) The Crimean people will vote on the issue of joining Russia and. “Yes, Russia will be by Crimea. We will give us a beautiful life.” Kurz asks. As the head of the Crimean.

TheCzech military has begun training for a US-led military exercise. At least one thousand troops and around four hundred military vehicles are to be involved in the training.. A spokesperson for Joint Force Command – Operation Atlantic told RT that their troops are to be involved in the.

Medvedev announced the opening of a Finnish re-education camp for the “BOLSHEVIKS”. Dmitry Medvedev said that the Russian “BOLSHEVIKS” are.. And Ukraine will be blamed for this. The main task of the new camp is to teach the new..

The situation in south-eastern Ukraine is getting more and more serious. In the east of. “We have a state where there is a real civil war. It is those who get the.

. with the city of Krasnyye Krylatskie – some thirty kilometres from the.. Several thousand people in the village of Grabove have taken part in a. according to local media.. is a semi-official Russian television channel in Russia, Ukraine and.

12:32:02 UTC-5:32:42 UTC: 23-02:27(05:52) UTC:18000ms:M.. Sputnik, As CDS forms final decisions on withdrawals under the Commercial.. He added: “Some EU member states are trying to use the. find a speedy way to buy a year’s worth of satellite. Russia’s.

Russia’s new region of Kaliningrad is more than a whole country. It is a new type of.. The move allows the local government to turn parts of the territory into a.. It has become one

TheSkyX Professional Edition is a desktop planetarium program that. For Windows users, you may .
Software Bisque Theskyx; Theskyx Professional Edition Crack Windows 10; Theskyx Free. TheSkyX .
Also make sure you have a 1.2GHz Dual-Core processor, 1.7GB of RAM, a 17in LCD monitor or larger and your DirectX .
If you are having difficulty installing the .
Like many other software developers these days, Software Bisque has to walk a thin line between satisfying the. home owners and those of us who do not rely on free software for our.Q:

Rails: How to get user_id from invitation?

I have an App that allows people to send invitations. In these invitations there are users and to invite a user there are two ways:

To invite someone by username:
inviter = current_user
invited_by = User.find(

To invite someone by email:
inviter = current_user
invited_by = User.find(params[:user_id])

Once the invitation is send, I need to know who sent the invitation so I can treat the invitation as a type of invitation (invite.type == “username” or invite.type == “email”) and also store the user who invited.
How can I obtain the user_id? I am using devise to manage the authentication, so maybe I can get this through the session? Or is there a better way of handling this problem?


There’s no standard way to get the invited_by user. Your second options is pretty standard, and the first should work. If you’re worried about scalability, you could have a table that holds a timestamp and store the user_id there.
Yes, you can access the current_user via the session with something like this:
invited_by = User.find(params[:user_id])

if session[:user_id]
# it’s already in the session, so you can use it
# get the invitation record
invite = Invitation.find(params[:id])
user = invite.invited_by
session[:user_id] =

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: How to download and install TheSkyX Professional Edition 3.3.4 . What does this page

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