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Timeshift Cd Key Code Serial

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JavaScript function call inside anon.htm

I have the following scenario:

function myFunc(a, b) {
return ‘a’ + a + ‘b’;



var a = 1;
var b = 2;

I want to get the result “a11b” when the button is clicked, but unfortunately it returns “a”.
I know I can capture the variables in the parent, but is there a way to do it directly in the function?
function myFunc(a, b) {
alert(a + b); // here
return a + a + b;


The declaration of a and b is out of scope by the time you call myFunc, therefore their initial values are not used. You need to put them into the global scope by placing them inside the element, after the definition of myFunc:

function myFunc(a, b) {
alert(a + b); // here
return a + a + b;

var a = 1;
var b = 2;

See it in action:


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Timeshift is a meditative and experimental sound collage of sonic sounds, noises, voices and music. With its system of echo, reflections, extra noises, blending of the instruments and its use of sounds that would typically be considered as nothing more than a distractant noise, it makes us very curious.

Timeshift is made of hundreds of separate audio files with different time lengths and tempos. The files are combined in various ways and modulated and effected by the instrument and a lot of other parameters. By creating a new resonance and overlap of the sounds like never before, the soundscape changes for each user and is highly personal to the listener.

The files are generated by an algorithm that emulates and modulates human physical perception of sound. It is heavily based on scientific research into how the brain processes sound and on the confirmation of these findings by psychoacoustic studies and experiments on audio perception.

Algorithmic music is based on the assumption that there are no boundaries between different types of sound. The algorithm generates the sound files by making use of all available audio formats.

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1-How do I get a TimeShift keygen?

TimeShift works by assigning you a product key which is activated and as long as you have it you can use TimeShift. It gives you access to a cache of years worth of sounds. You can read about it here: Manual To Unlock TimeShift.

How do I use TimeShift?

You have to download the relevant executable application from the provided link, and run the software.
You can have multiple keys for each user. They can be between 1-4 digit long. You can find your keys in the Setup.
There are multiple settings for how long the lock expires. This can be set to 2-30 days and you will have to use the new key every time. TimeShift will turn it automatically. You can change this setting in


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