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[Digital Signage Solutions] – With Physical inputs and outputs, the dmaTRACKEXPLOIDECLIENT Touchpanel is ideally suited for digital signage applications requiring touch interaction, such as. Brightfield Scanner. the court. We believe that the court was aware of the mitigating circumstances, and that it was assumed that this was why the court did not order him to be executed. The recommendation for commutation was made by the Commission. The record of the Commission as revealed by the opinion of the Supreme Court on the question of sentencing gives no reason for the action that was taken. However, the record shows that the Commission has considered the penalty that it would order if the prisoner’s sentence was fixed at death. We feel confident that the Supreme Court and the Commission took a full and fair view of this matter when the sentence was decided.
We believe that the court acted within its sound discretion and as a matter of fact has acted in accordance with established law.
[7] See Blackmon v. State, 247 Ala. 104, 22 So.2d 842 (1945); Rogers v. State, 243 Ala. 650, 11 So.2d 732 (1942); Davis v. State, 217 Ala. 660, 117 So. 870 (1928).
[8] See Smith v. State, 237 Ala. 132, 185 So. 138 (1938); Rogers v. State, 243 Ala. 218, 9 So.2d 158 (1942); Boyd v. United States, 142 U.S. 450, 12 S.Ct. 292, 35 L.Ed. 1077 (1892); 1 Wharton’s Criminal Law and Procedure, § 185, p. 217 (12th Ed., 1957).
[9] The statement of facts is taken from the record of the trial court.
[10] See Baugh v. State, 35 Ala.App. 53, 44 So.2d 574 (1950).
[11] See Code 1940, T. 15, § 325 (T. 14, § 317); Title 15, Section 545, Code of Alabama 1940, Recompiled 1958.
[12] In a hearing of the merits of the present petition (for certiorari) petitioner’s counsel was questioned at length on the question of oral statements made by the accused. From our examination of the record, we are of the opinion that the accused was accorded a full and fair hearing on

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Earlier this week, it was reported that HTC had plans to make a dual-screen phone, but apparently this never came to be and the One Mix has just been announced. The new device is HTC’s first in years without a notch, with a nearly edge-to-edge display of 10.5 inches and a 4,048 x 2,296 resolution. […]

Anybody with a Windows 10 PC running the April 2018 Update who is hoping to get their hands on the OS’s April 2019 Update won’t be able to — and Microsoft isn’t quite clear why. Windows, and specifically, Windows 10 are built upon a system where they make changes to an OS without providing a clear public schedule. […]

About three weeks ago, Google has quietly updated their Android Developer website to mention a new feature called Instant Apps. And while these apps have been around for some time, this is the first time we’ve heard of them. Android Instant Apps are a next-generation feature that, according to Google, “…allow your users to […]

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Fold smartphone is finally official and the company’s first foldable device. The phone, with its dual displays, is the first of its kind and has already received rave reviews from reviewers. The Galaxy Fold has been in the news for months now and was also shown at the Galaxy Unpacked event […]

The iPhone’s notifications can get frustrating — and unreliable — at times. But luckily, there are a number of tools out there that let you automate the process. From piecing together a custom approach to the problem, to scheduling things to be done at the moment, when, and how you can be notified, there are more […]

Pinterest has announced its next major update and it includes an API overhaul, improved tooling, and a new reporting feature. The new API will introduce three new endpoint, OAuth 2.0 support for apps, secure OAuth 2.0 authentication, and will make the API more performant. The app tooling is getting an extensive set […]

Google Chrome 78 introduces end-to-end encrypted connections between browser and servers and warns users that the connections are not being logged. It’s designed to safeguard your data against government agencies and other third-party snoopers. But it also presents a challenge for developers, like Dropbox, who want to add […]

The largest email providers are set to collaborate in a bid to improve the way they deal with content filtering. DMARC, a set

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