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UEFI BIOS Updater 1.66 Portable Free Download

in the above image from my asus motherboard, the update tab (the light blue box) shows up, but there is no version for the uefi bios. when i look into my bios settings, i can see the manufacturer’s website address. it also shows that i am running windows 10.

step 5: a screen should appear that says: “bcdboot.exe has been updated. enter yes or no. if you want to update the uefi boot order, enter uefi boot order here. note: this is a manual process and you will need to check the uefi bios update after reboot.

the downloaded file is a setup package. to install it, you will need the following:

if you have a google account, there are different ways to verify the product you are about to download. just press the download button on this page and click on download here. otherwise, if you do not have a google account, you can click the button at the bottom of this page and create a free google account. a verification code will then be sent to your google account. enter this code in the box below and press download button.

to be able to download a file, the user must accept the terms of use of the file setter and confirm that the file is what they actually want. if you are happy with the file, you should press the download button in the box below. press the download button if you are happy with the files and want to download the software to your computer. otherwise, press the back button to return to this page.

to access the downloads, you will need to navigate to the link of the download page of : zip file for windows (for pentium iii/iv or amd athlon xp >= 800mhz or intel core 2 duo/core i3/core i5/core i7 >= 2ghz)
for windows 32/64-bit which operating system are you currently using? win 98/2000/xp/vista 32/64-bit what operating system are you willing to install the software? win 98/2000/xp/vista 32/64-bit which uefi bios do you want to update? uefi v1.x-x.x-x / uefi v2.x.x what size usb flash drive or external hard drive are you using? 300mb-1gb or more what kind of computer do you have? pc/laptop what kind of cpu do you have? amd/intel with up to pentium iv 2ghz or higher what size cd/dvd do you have? under 1.2gb (1.3gb if you need a windows installation image for raid) how did you download the file? downloaded from the link what are you going to do with it? trying to update or install a new bios on my computer
computers like the intel pentium 4 use firmware to configure the settings and boot up of the system. the industry standard for built-in processing in a desktop or laptop computer is known as the unified extensible firmware interface or uefi bios. a uefi bios is what controls your computer when it starts up, that it boots your operating system, and that it provides advanced features like integrated tasksel, e.g. the intel pentium 4 uses firmware to configure the settings and boot up of the system.
if you are having problems booting your computer from usb you may need to install your bios update. we recommend that you first ensure you know how to navigate through your computer`s bios setup screen in case any configuration needs to be done for the usb to be usable for booting.


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