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There are many instances in which it is desirable to be able to measure the ionization activity or concentration of an ionizable gas. For example, flame ionization detectors and electrochemical cells are commonly used to measure the concentration of combustible gases, such as methane, hydrogen, or the like, in a gas sample. Flame ionization detectors and electrochemical cells operate on the principle of ionizing the combustible gases by the application of a high voltage thereto, and measuring the change in conductivity which is brought about by such ionization. As is well known in the art, the combustible gas is mixed with a suitable ionization gas, such as oxygen, and the mixture is passed through an ionization chamber. An ionization voltage is applied to the ionization chamber, and a current is measured by an appropriate current sensing means. The current is measured as the ionization voltage is ramped up and down, and the voltage at which the current reaches a steady-state value is indicative of the combustible gas concentration in the mixture.
Although prior ionization gas analyzers have proven useful for measuring combustible gases, they suffer from serious problems and shortcomings. In particular, prior ionization gas analyzers typically require complex electrical circuitry for ramping the ionization voltage, for periodically stabilizing the current, and for measuring the current. However, this electrical circuitry tends to add to the size, weight, and/or cost of the analyzer. Furthermore, the electrical circuitry is typically contained within an analyzer housing which is large and cumbersome. Also, the electrical circuitry limits the applicability of prior ionization gas analyzers to combustible gas measurements only. Moreover, prior ionization gas


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Why is function f(3*x)+5 unable to find maximum of f(x) for 3

I can’t find the maximum for this function : f(3*x)+5
from 8.9.2+ import *


You can’t find the maximum. You have the derivative of the function, which is not the case for f(x) itself.
This is how it works:
f(x) = f(3*x)

Since you can divide by 3 in the first step, you get
f(x) = (3*x) * f(3*x)

Same again with multiplying by 3
f(x) = 3*x * 3*x * f(3*x)

Now you can multiply by 3 and get
f(x) = (3*x) * (3*x) * f(3*x) = (3*x) * (3*x) * (3*x) * f(3*x)

and so on. You see the pattern?
f(x) is a polynomial with degree one. It will have a maximum for a single argument. And 3*x, the argument of f(x), is always 3 larger than the previous argument, since the polynomial is monotonically increasing.
In other words, the polynomial has a maximum at each point where x is equal to 3*x. And if you want to maximize the polynomial by changing the variable, you will have to change the variable as well, since the function is a constant:
x = 3 * 3 * 3 * 3 * 3 * 3 * 3…

So your function f(x) is a constant, and the derivative is always zero.

South Carolina’s 7th congressional district

South Carolina’s 7th congressional district is a United States congressional district in the state of South Carolina.

The district is located in the southeastern portion of the state. It includes portions of Charlotte, Mecklenburg, and Union Counties.

After the 2000 Census, the district was eliminated, and was reconfigured to add more of the Charlotte area.

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