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How to test method of static class which has an object

I have a class with static methods and there is a parameter in it.
I want to unit test its method using JUnit or EasyMock.
The problem is that each method should be called with object.
I use Mockito for unit testing.
Are there any easy ways to fix this problem?


You can use PowerMock which will allow you to mock static methods.

The Scientific Method, the Way of All Good Scientists – dmnd

There is nothing inherently scientific about the way things are done. But
everybody does it in the same way. Nobody does something by themselves. Rather
you group people in groups of like-minded people that share the same way of
doing things.

That’s how you can get information if you want to. You talk with people who
share your goals, and you do the same things you talked with them about.

But in reality, there are all kinds of people and groups. And their needs
differ. So one group will talk with another group and on top of that be
governed by what certain people like, before they can say anything at all.
And that’s what they will do. And because it’s always somebody else (often a
group) doing it, it’s not scientific.

(that’s not just true for scientific methods. You can do it with politics,
economics, social science, healthcare…)

I’m looking for a single word that accurately describes the I(diversity) in
the scientific method. How do we get rid of the bias in “scientific” without
the nonsensical term “unscientific”?


Euclid Avenue–Greenpoint Avenue Historic District

Euclid Avenue–Greenpoint Avenue Historic District is a national historic

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