War Thunder V. (ENG-RUS) [L] Corepack

the thundergun can be obtained through the mystery box for 950 points in the maps kino der toten and ascension, and in the revamped call of duty: world at war map nacht der untoten. it shoots a compressed air shock-wave blast that knocks any zombies backwards that survive the original hit. it is not advised to upgrade it until out of ammo.

please note! thunder’s leaves require next:
1. have a steam version of half-life 2 (or episodes).
2. have source sdk 2013 singleplayer which installed via steam.
3. in the properties of source sdk 2013 singleplayer under beta must be specified as upcoming.
4. thundersleaves folder should be located in the sourcemods directory. example: d:/steam/steamapps/sourcemods/thundersleaves

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the thundergun performs near identical as its black ops version, killing large numbers of zombies with a single shot. it also has a new look and animations and zombies killed with it can now drop power ups. it still holds the same ammo capacity as the black ops version. when pack-a-punched, it becomes the zeus cannon, with a larger magazine and more ammo and a larger radius, much like its black ops version.

The Thundergun can be obtained through the Mystery Box for 910 Points. It is best used to clear large groups of zombies at once, and can be very useful for clearing out corners. The Thundergun is very powerful and has a relatively low rate of fire, so consider upgrading it once you clear out the level with it.
The Thundergun is a rocket-based airburst weapon used to murder zombies by the famous English channel. The high-yield rockets fired from the Thundergun will create a large powerful shockwave that will kill zombies caught in its blast radius. Although the effect is visually impressive, it does have a rather high rate of fire, and is easier to miss than the shotgun for sure, making it best used at close quarters.
The Thundergun is a large rocket-launcher that has a relatively high rate of fire. It is a blast weapon that damages zombies by spraying them with a high-pressure jet of a lethal gas. It is good for clearing large groups of zombies at once. Its damage will always go in the back of the enemy’s head, making it a good weapon for firing repeatedly at large groups. Also, you will avoid low health zombie enemies at close range.
The Thundergun is a large, cannon-shaped weapon that fires blasts of compressed air. It has no iron sights, meaning it must be fired from the hip (although when observed in third person, it is held on the shoulder). It is able to kill large numbers of zombies with a single shot, sending them flying backwards or up. Those who are not killed by the blast are thrown backwards and will remain on the ground for a few seconds before getting back up. The Thundergun holds two rounds in its magazine, and has 12 rounds in reserve. The Thundergun can only be reloaded when all shots have been fired. The Thundergun is important during the later rounds as it is useful for clearing large groups of zombies in order to reach a downed teammate or make an escape. It is extremely useful when swarmed as it will easily kill a large group of zombies in one shot.

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