The Cradle of Venus is a beautiful place that harbors an ancient menace. Once a paradise for the most beautiful people in the world, the Cradle has since become a rotting giant prison ruled by bloodthirsty Droids. The only way to escape this terrible fate is to use your special abilities – the skills that give you your superhuman powers – to fight back against the evil Droid Knights and their robotic underlings.

Key Features:

> Dressing up your Droid for the first time in Kill to Collect!
> 20 bright levels and 5 worlds, with more content to come
> Multiple enemies, with 12 types
> Special skills give you strengths and weaknesses
> Discover powerful secrets in every level
> Strategy as you battle your way through
> Unlock characters to play with!
> Multiple game types, create your own and play through it
> Drop in and out of the game at any time
> Choose what style of play suits you best
> Comprehensive leaderboard and party system
> Practice dauntless to improve in each level

The Cradle of Venus
Play as the next generation of superpowered fighting machines! One day, you will come across a legendary artifact that can unlock the secrets of the universe. Your journey begins when you are drafted by the God Board for the ultimate battle. Choose your Droid Hero and complete your dream team! Watch out for evil Galactic Alliance Droids as they try to stop you from unlocking the mysteries of the Cradle. Sneak through in order to remain undetected and out of the enemy’s grasp, or pick off your opponents from afar. But be careful not to get caught by them because it’ll cost you your job!

Choose Your Droid Hero
Your Droid Hero is the key to unlocking the secrets of the Cradle. Each is equipped with their own unique set of skills. Are you the box or the crates? Do you have the dexterity or the speed? You’ll have to find out as you build your team with the best, most unique combinations of skills and abilities.

Choose Your Special Skills
Each Droid Hero has unique strengths and weaknesses. Don’t let your foes know what you can or can’t do – after all, your enemies want you dead as much as you do. Choose from your abilities carefully and use your special skills to take down your foes.

More to Unlock
Stick with the God Board long enough and you’ll unlock more content. Discover new and powerful


Features Key:

  • Key features:
    • NEW NON PRIOR MULTIPLAYER PROTOTYPE with first ever fully customizable skill-based dynamic co-op
    • NEW Jump-in-to-play co-op experience for Payday 2
    • NEW co-op incremental win-loss progression
    • NEW advanced weapon perks system (3 are unlocked at the beginning of the game)
    • NEW ultra-advanced and well-balanced weapon and perk upgrades
    • NEW conditionally-paused single/multiplayer battle mode
    • NEW upgradable grapple weapon
    • NEW robot pets
    • NEW improvised weapons (pipe, explosives, etc)
    • NEW 8+ new outfits plus the original 6 to be unlocked throughout the game for every actor
    • NEW dynamic party configuration menu
    • NEW invisible HUD in non-combat skill-based or third-person play for people don’t want to wear garish masks all the time
    • NEW beautifully cinematic in-cockpit shotgun earmuffs for robot pets
    • NEW co-pilot AI for external in-cockpit controls for anyone who’s going in to camp mode
    • DELUXE MAP & GRAPHICS PACKS that you can add ANYWHERE in the code for a fraction of the price of in-game content, and come with the following features:
    • ONE additional b-machine skin
    • ONE additional Bob’s twin brother skin
    • TWO additional Cammo skins
    • TWO additional robot skins
    • TWO additional bomb skins
    • ONE additional Ghost skins
    • ONE additional Script Trauma skins
    • TWO additional Smoke skin
    • ONE additional Riot Suit skins
    • ONE additional Sniper skins
    • ONE additional Steelskin skins
    • TWO additional Strafe skins
    • TWO additional Tactical skins
    • ONE additional Weather Trauma skins
    • ONE additional Zombie skins
    • TWO additional Boom skin
    • ONE additional Frenzy skin
    • ONE additional Kill Action skin

      Weapons Simulator

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      In Fright Night 2, one of the brave vampire hunters returns to the side of his mentor. Without his human side, he must forget his memories of love and settle on the mission of snuffing out a vampire in his pad. But first he must get himself adjusted to life underground as a vampire…
      We all know vampires are real and they are scary as hell. They are out to take our lives and breath. We can all agree that those vampires are scary and we all have a tale about our time hunting them down or simply getting close enough to make a kill shot. The thing with vampires is their tradition of changing shape… they are shape-shifters. We all have nightmares about vampires if we ever get to experience one.
      This game for grown up gamers is back with a brand new story and gameplay with a good twist. The player will have the ability to play as 4 different characters (Vampire, Hyena, Werewolf, Vampire Hunter) and control each as they perform their own unique actions. The whole concept is just like an episode of the show Buffy.
      The vampire hunters line up for their next kill. The hunters will probably wander out into the unknown, but they never know where the next vampire will be hiding. What you do know is that when the hunters are down, the vampires are still coming to play. In this game, a vampire does not just die in one hit, so you will want to stab them several times in different places.
      The vampires have a tradition of coming back as someone else. If you are searching for them, you may want to set up a stake trap. It is really hard to get caught by a vampire hunter! And while we are on that note, this game will feature different hunters and different scenes. Some will have you hiding


      Weapons Simulator Download For Windows

      Changes:1. UI: Improved the map screen now to show the current map size and assets on the current continent. Redrawing the map to fit the whole world on the screen would remove the last map tiles. You can scroll to the bottom of the screen to see the remaining map tiles.
      2. AI: General improvements for all AI components. They do not move as much as in V3, but this actually gives more space for players.
      3. AI: The AI is more active.
      4. UI: You can now buy a button to drag and drop any ship to your hangar bay. With the double click of the button they are automatically dragged to their hangar bay.
      5. UI: Added a button to remove the command panel.
      6. UI: Improved the command panel for easier viewing.
      7. UI: Improved the icon for the rebel fleet.
      8. UI: A warning icon will show for custom battles if a player has a full army and you are in siege mode.
      9. UI: A warning icon will show for unlock battles.
      10. UI: Added a card for the number of battles you have lost.
      11. UI: Added a button to remove the command panel.
      12. AI: The AI is now more aggressive for combat situations. No more fear of losing a planet to the rebels if it is under attack.
      13. AI: Improved the AI capabilities.
      14. AI: Improved the AI to have more vision of the AI fleet.
      15. AI: Improved the ability to detect enemy fleets.
      16. AI: Improved the AI to understand the players current position better.
      17. AI: Improved the AI to use more space.
      18. AI: Improved the AI to discover planets better.
      19. AI: Improved the AI to fight less randomly in all types of battles.
      20. AI: Improved the AI to share supply with the player.
      21. AI: Improved the AI to understand that the fuel is not infinite.
      22. AI: Improved the AI to be smarter when engaging into a battle.
      23. AI: Improved the AI to understand the importance of tactical victories.
      24. AI: Improved the AI to be able to negotiate better
      25. AI: Improved the AI to be able to buy new ships better.
      26. AI: Improved the AI to be able to move faster in battles.
      27. AI: Improved the AI to be more patient.


      What’s new:

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