Wrong Turn 2 Movie In Hindi Dubbed 21


Wrong Turn 2 Movie In Hindi Dubbed 21

medium duration, low stakes
group lunch at work or school, happy hour with acquaintances. 15 min an hour
the sweet spot here is either one or two topics that can be discussed at length without it getting heated or lots of small topics some which can get more serious but wont take over the table. topics will hopefully be geared to things that everyone can contribute to, but this does not mean you have to have much or any preexisting knowledge or interest in the topic to play. asking general clarifying questions of the experts, or building on someone elses answered question is a great way to spend your turn here. failure modes: silence, or conversely dominating the conversation. remember you can always say, i havent really made my mind up on that yet, what are your thoughts [name]

the whole question of the complaint, the right to complain, and the nature of the complain is something i think a lot of libertarians get wrong. if youre a liberal or a conservative or some other kind of non-libertarian, there are a number of issues where youre going to be able to make at least some sense of your position. this is not going to be true for libertarians.

i think its important to note that just because chinese grammar is simple, it is not necessarily easy. for day-to-day communication it is very streamlined, but to express some more complex ideas it can get tricky. you only have a small set of grammatical tools/rules, and even if you follow all the rules you may be completely misunderstood, because its such a context-dependent language. for me it is much more intimidating than german. when my friends german is corrected, there is a precise explanation of what was wrong (case, gender, whatever). when i mess up in chinese, despite years of experience my teacher is sometimes at a loss. eh, we just dont say that.

as for the movie: i think its unimportant. its not like the film is going to win or be nominated for anything. if youre out buying john wayne movies, youre not out buying the new john wayne movie. the number of people who saw it will be in the dozens, probably less than 200, and for those who liked it, theyd just find the next john wayne movie.
for one, even the most fundamental of television-watching skills – patience – has to be learned. also, as a kid you tend to explore the world around you and want to learn about it; thus, if you watch childrens shows in english and hindi you gain both a greater understanding of the language itself (both the nuances and the slang, which are, as one person pointed out, often quite different) and also a greater understanding of the culture in which the language was used. i must admit, it took me years to finally realize this. but, when it came time to explain to my mother that the kids on dragon’s den were ‘buzzing’ not the same thing as’speaking in the language of mother india’, i suddenly had a great deal of insight into the way they spoke!
when it comes to learning more than one language, you want to incorporate as many communicative experiences as possible, whether it’s observing your mom’s friend or watching an episode of friends in english, german or the local language, you’re going to pick up a lot more than if you just sit home and watch a limited number of tv shows and films.
sure, its not like picking up spanish and being able to order as if you were in mexico. but when you’re trying to learn a language, thinking in the language is a big help. if your mom speaks in the language of italian or english, you’ll understand her, even if you have a hard time ordering in italian. if she speaks in the language of russian or german, you’ll be able to order something in the language of her own culture in addition to understanding what she’s saying (or you may have no idea what she’s saying, but that’s a different point that is too long for a post). on the other hand, if she continues to speak in that language to you, you will need to learn it!


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