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YNAB 4 License Key Serial.rar

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Jonathan Boucher (born 1963) is a Northern Ireland political figure and a republican activist.

Political career
Boucher joined Sinn Féin in 1986 and became a national member of the party in 1989, aged 21. He resigned as a TD for South Down at the 2001 general election, but returned to the Assembly in 2002 as an Independent Unionist, also serving as a member of the same party’s National Executive. The political party he supported, the Alternative Ulster Unionist Movement, merged with UUP to form the United Ulster Unionist Party in 2003. He was elected as deputy leader of the UUUP in February 2004, but later resigned from that post.

Following the DUP taking control of the UUUP, Boucher again became a member of the Irish Government for the Assembly in 2007, and served on the Ulster Unionist group of the Council of the EU from 2010.

He has taken part in numerous hunger strikes for Sinn Féin, most notably a 51-day hunger strike in 2007 to call for the release of convicted IRA member Bobby Sands.


External links
A rebel’s son – profile
Jonathan Boucher profile – Sinn Féin

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