Franchise of childhood, Monster Hunter, continues the adventure to the most popular title worldwide in the brand!
The adventure starts with an epic story full of wit and wisdom.
While the fight has started, on the way to meet the strongest monster they must carefully observe the rhythm and the atmosphere of the wild.
For the adventures in your imagination, you will be able to collect and talk to real monsters, and also you can make swords and armor to enhance your fighting strength.
You may encounter a variety of monsters. And if it is a rare monster, you will be able to wear the suits to let your fighting strength increase.
The monster hunting is divided into three stages, each of which offers different kinds of monsters.
In the first stage (Archer), you must fight the dangerous monster by using your arrow skills.
In the second stage (Thousand Hands), you will have to fight with your fists.
In the third stage (Palm Strikes), you must fight with your waist.
In each stage, you can try the fight against the monster in a variety of ways.
Find the best style and technique according to the monster. This is a kind of rhythm which is the same with the original game, but the style will be changed.
▼Characters and Appearance
The seven members of Jinsei are Hanzo no Tatsu, Jia Chong, Jia Gac, Jean Marie, Gerri, Nui Ay, and Han Rui.
Differently from the origin Monster Hunter, and retains the spirit of the Monster Hunter, have a talking dragon and wandering around in the world.
Uniquely to this game, it is equipped with an enchanted sword that can be modified. When the blade is heated and then cooled, it can also change its shape.
Exquisite lines and spots will be engraved on the blade, so you can easily match the equipment.
There are materials that can be used for creating a new weapon, that can be further refined.
Of course, the transformation ability will be shown in appearance and color.
Character Action System
The new character action system includes a run, dodge, jump, grab, and other actions.
Run : During the run, you can change the direction of the run, and stop temporarily.
Dodge : During the dodge, it will be possible to dodge in any direction while supporting backward, move forward.
Grab : During the grab, you can grab the same as


Zombie Raid Features Key:


Zombie Raid

Zombie Raid lets players do various missions in the zombie world!
Interrogator – a “Real-time fight” to disarm an enemy!
Policeman – a quick fight to save a captive from a zombie
Terrorist – to rescue hostages from a prison
Inspector – to solve a case and to kill a zombie
President – to control the country
Drunk – run faster in order to collect more drink
And more…
– Mission02 “President”
– Mission03 “Police”
– Mission04 “Terrorist”
– Mission05 “Drunk”
– Mission06 “Inspector”
– Mission07 “Electrician”
– Mission08 “Buddha”
– Mission09 “Dance Teacher”
– Mission10 “Drum”
– Mission11 “Drill Instructor”
– Mission12 “Journalist”
– Mission13 “Sumo”
– Mission14 “Clown”
– Mission15 “Electrical Worker”
– Mission16 “Musician”
– Mission17 “Teacher”
– Mission18 “Army Commander”
– Mission19 “Mountaineer”
– Mission20 “Model”
– Mission21 “Fisherman”
– Mission22 “Concert”
– Mission23 “Luggage”
– Mission24 “Coal Miner”
– Mission25 “Police Officer”
– Mission26 “Bag Man”
– Mission27 “Fireman”
– Mission28 “Dentist”
– Mission29 “Clown”
– Mission30 “Triathlete”
– Mission31 “Sumo Wrestler”
– Mission32 “Buddha”
– Mission33 “Model”
– Mission34 “Fisherman”
– Mission35 “Soldier”
– Mission36 “Instructor”
– Mission37 “Bag Man”
– Mission38 “Buddha”
– Mission39 “Concert”
– Mission40 “Amazon”
– Mission41 “Coal Miner�


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